Sunday, March 4, 2012

Comedy: Workaholics

My next recommendation is for another TV show. I know, i know.. 2 posts into my "movie" blog and I have recommended 2 tv series but just bare with me.

This recommendation is for Workaholics which is aimed primarily towards the younger crowd. This one is about 3 roomates/co-workers and some of the crazy things that happen during their daily lives. The comedy comes from their personalities and how they react to certain situations and the pranks they pull on each other and others, no punch-lines and laugh tracks.

I find comedy very scarce on Netflix so if you need a quick fix, this is will do fine.

Wikipedia Quote:
"The three main characters, Blake, Adam, and Anders, were roommates in college, and continue to share a house together as they transition into adulthood. The show's action is generally confined to the main characters' house and their workplace, a cubicle the three of them share at a telemarketing company called TelAmeriCorp."

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